Meeting new friends

Making a difference

Easing the burden

Sharing The Flow

"Have you ever wished someone would volunteer to MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR YOU?"


As part of our own life journey, we decided we wanted to take making a difference to the net level by ACTUALLY GOING WHERE WE WERE NEEDED - pitching in, easing burdens, solving problems, sharing the secrets of Flow in real life, where it really matters!


In the past we have lived alongside families and individuals all over the world, making the day-to-day practice of serving a reality. Working with them physically, emotionally and spiritually to create space for them to rediscover their purpose and joy for life.


We combine personal one on one guidance with down to earth 'life easing' practical HELP where it's needed......Freeley gifted.


Here are Some of the ways we lighten the load


  • House sat and looked after families to give the adults time to get away de-stress and re-connect

  • Organized houses: tidying up, rearranging to create space emotionally and physically for Moms

  • Done chores to lighten the load - Fed sheep, walked dogs, trained cats, mucked out stables, tended chickens.

  • Babysat, child minded and implemented Child Flow training

  • Helped organize offices and businesses to better facilitate Flow

  • Set up a business for someone who wanted to be a stay home mum

  • Started Micro businesses in Africa to raise money for fishing gear

  • Set up systems to raise money for Orphans in Kenya

  • Worked with couples through marriage challenges

  • Helped people get out of debt and back on track practically and emotionally

  • Grocery shopping, Cooking Meals & creating menus for hectic family

  • Created websites for family business + IT help & Listing unwanted items for sale to ease financial worry 

  • Helped organize family vacations to re-connect and bring back natural Flow

  • Work alongside on personal projects, to ease the burden and guide through




NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR SMALL when it comes to helping people get their lives back!

Finding Purpose

Traveling the World

Making a Difference

Following The Flow 

Re-discovering Truth

Pitching in

Bringing Hope

Healing Lives

Re-connecting Families

Mending Relationships

1) Because Miracles happen

Who doesn't want to live a miraculous life?

Through our 7 year experiment we have witnessed a whole other world of miracles, possibility, opportunity, friendship, love, personal growth and adventure pops out from behind normal everyday life when we give our time to help others ..........WE LOVE IT!


2) Because it's our way of growing & sharing the Gift

Growing our own faith. Experimenting and experiencing. Trusting & learning from it day-to-day, how can we expect to help others find theirs! 


3) Because Life's too short not to!

What do you want to say about your life on your death bed? 

We want to say we lived FULLY, gave of ourselves FULLY. experienced life FULLY, followed our hearts FULLY and lived our Truth Authentcally!.......Doing this ticks all those boxes and more!


We never know where FAith will take us but I hope we get to share it with YOU!


TESTIMONY- "You guys make living fun again. Bless you and thanks for coming"....Dr AM

TESTIMONY- "As a single Mom I have been struggling with a lot of things in my life. I have experienced both depression and anxiety but having you guys around helping me find my flow has totally changed how I feel  I can't thank you enough"....JS

TESTIMONY- "3 angels came into my life and reminded me what was worth getting up for in the morning. Thank you & God bless you"....KT

TESTIMONY- "Our house is your house. My family don't have the words to describe just how much you have done for us".......FAMILY L

TESTIMONY- "Our favorite Aussie's - come back anytime. Your presence is like a soothing balm. We love you xxx."..... JF

TESTIMONY- "Having Geoff & Bessie around totally transformed our relationships. They lifted so much of the stress off me by helping out. Just having their energy aroundand learning about the Flow firsthand has given us a totally new lease on life. Thank you so much."......LTD