Hi my name is BlueBelle,

My Micro Business is to help my friends in Kenya who have nothing!

I told my mum I could help fix their problem.
So when I was in Africa I asked the villagers to make me some special hand made bracelets.


Now I sell them around the world to help them pay for good food for their children, a fishing boat for their village and school stuff.

THANK YOU for helping me help them  xoxoxoxoxox

"It can't be that hard to fix the problem mum"

Even a wooden dug out boat requires money for tools and wood, plus skilled labor.

More than 1 years wage.


Nets also require resources, lots of fishing line and constant repair which costs money

The Story so far

When 6yr old BlueBelle first arrived in Africa she could not understand why her little African play mates were so much smaller and less developed than her.


We explained it was malnutrition. Once a day they eat a nutritionless flour like substance that is just not enough for growing kids.


The village is very poor but it is near the ocean. So BlueBelle asked, "Why cant they eat fish? Thats good for them!"

Tragically polution and over fishing means the fish do not come close to the shore any more. So with no money to buy a boat, nets, fishing line, good food and school supplies their children literally go hungry in sight of food.


 "This is so easy to fix". BlueBelle announced one day ,"The food is in the water, we just have to help them reach it. "


She noticed her young friends made beautiful hand made bracelets and sold them at the side of the road.

I'll ask my friends to sell them in America and Australia so we can give them money buy what they need .......... And so the Micro Business began.


A piece of jewelery that does so much more than just look good !


Right now we are unable to do individual bracelets, however, custom, handmade corporate, team or group bulk bracelets are available.  

Original African Village Hand Made Jewelry

Hand made with glass beads by the actual people in the village we are supporting. These are beautiful, authentic, colorful, tribal and raw.
They look amazing with any outfit and are a great talking point.
The inspirational words - LOVE - FAITH - FLOW - NOW are chosen as symbolic reminders to us in our busy lives to take a little time to reflect on what really matters.



Maybe you would like to order your own Name, or some with your children or friends names on Contact info@LessonsFromTheFlow.com



GIVE THEM OUT - With you favourite inspirational word or company on.

Why not get a few to hand out to people you care about.

Or put your company name on them make a difference and get some PR


For orders more than 10 Contact:- info@LessonsFromTheFlow.com


In Africa FlOW is a way of life. The attitude is not 'poor me' - They may have nothing but they know that struggling against the natural Flow does not bring peace, joy and contentment.


Faith is a magical word in Africa. They believe that faith alone creates the energy to change life. 
Whatever your belief, faith empowers us in life in profound ways.


Living in the moment is something the Africans know a lot about.

Learning to be present can change our stressful day into one of joy and gratitude.

This bracelet is a constant reminder to embrace each moment



NINAKUPENDA is Swahili for "I Love You"

When you have so little in life love becomes the glue that holds villagers together.

The care and sharing they show their neighbors puts our selfish western way of living to shame

Your bracelet means



This money will PAY for Nets & small Wooden Boats. Any left over goes to school supplies.
If you would like to make a donation contact me@geoffbarker.info
  • The Bracelets look AWESOME. They are made by hand in poor conditions. Put together with love on the floor of a mud hut by locals

  • The locals are VERY poor, unskilled, can’t read or write and most have little or no income

  • They have no access to 'nice packaging’. So they will be posted in an envelope

  • Please consider purchase of a bracelet a DONATION towards their goal.

  • If you are not happy with your bracelet they will re-make it for you - However there are NO REFUNDS

  • Postage could take up to 20 days - Kenya post is not the most promt in the world :-)

  • IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP contact us for a DONATION towards their goal info@LessonsFromTheFlow.com


Raw -African- Unique- Life saving